This is a sophisticated (GUI) Java database application for Microsoft Windows platforms that tracks member records, giving records, deposit records, and petty cash records, and generates offering summary reports, year end tax statements, and mailing labels. This package was developed to simplify the handling and tracking of the offerings and has been successfully used in this church for a number of years. This package is meant to be an aid and a blessing to KJV Bible-believing churches. To download this software (or upgrade to the latest version) and view installation instructions, click here...

Church Cash Flow Version 4.7 Download and Installation Instructions

If you're upgrading a previous version of this software, make sure you have a current backup of the database on a CD or external drive. Upgrade instructions will be provided as needed. This download will be completely compatible with all previous versions and databases.

The minimum system requirements for running this software is a 166MHZ, 64MB RAM, 7MB disk space with any Windows operating system. The Java Runtime Environment(JRE) Version 1.5 must be installed on your system. If it is not, you can download it for free from or you can download it directly by clicking on the link below (this is a 18MB file and may take some time to download):

Once you have the executable, double click on it and follow the installation instructions. Now download the actual software in the form of a zip file by clicking on the link below ( this is a 200KB file and is very quick to download):

Once ChurchCashFlow.ZIP has been downloaded to your system, unzip the file to a "C:\ChurchCashFlow" folder. If you do not have a zip utility, you can download a free shareware version of either PKZIP or WINZIP from or respectively. Once you have unzipped the file you should have a "C:\ChurchCashFlow" folder containing the following three files:

  1. ChurchCashFlow.jar (Executable Jar File)
  2. Church Cash Flow (Shortcut to MS-DOS Program)
  3. ChurchCashFlow.ico (Icon for Shortcut to MS-DOS Program)

If you do not have a shortcut on your desktop, right-click on the ChurchCashFlow shortcut, expand the <SendTo> menu, and click on <Desktop (create shortcut)>. You should be able to bring up the program as normal from the desktop icon.

When you enter the program for the first time, a message will be displayed claiming that a database file does not exist and that it is going to create one. Press <OK> and the login screen will appear. Initially there is no password, so leave this field blank and press <OK> which will display the main screen of the program. For further instructions, click on <Help>-><General> from the main menu.

When you do enter the new program for the first time, you should not get a message claiming that a database file does not exist and that it is going to create one. To recover, you should copy the "ChurchCashFlowDatabase.DB" from your backup disk or drive and try starting the program again. If that does not work, please email me at ""..